Arts Education

Integrated Creative Arts Programme

We emphasize on cultivating the artistic ability of students and enhance their creativity. As a continuation of Picture Books Learning, teachers would introduce art elements such as music, visual arts and body dance, etc. to develop a set of unique Integrated Creative Arts Programme that fits with students’ development. Students would be able to learn from observation, trial and hands-on experience. At the same time, they creativity and perception would be cultivated by Integrated Creative Arts Programme, which will also facilitate their emotional development and ability to appreciate art.

To further promote art education in TWGHs Kindergartens, “Every Childs is an Artist”-Art Education Development Programme has progressed into its forth year. It has broaden children’s creative thinking and abstract thinking by Integrated art elements through different learning activities, so as to cultivate children’s interest in art and activate their ability to appreciate art works. At the same time, in order to boost the teaching quality, we invited senior artists and tutors to help hold workshops for children and our teachers.

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