Professional Development of Teachers

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Kindergartens value professional training for teachers as we deem teaching staff to be important human resources and a linchpin that could make or mar a school’s education activities. Hence, schools would organize various education seminars, workshops and training programmes for teachers to advance with times and improve themselves, which in turn could improve teachers’ teaching skills in class and ensure that the teaching quality could cater for the students’ needs.

TWGHs Joint School Professional Development Day 2023-2024

Date:October 6, 2023 (Friday)
Topic︰“China‧Conservation” Cultural Experience Workshop

Cube O Discovery Park-guide

Jao Tsung-I Academy-Hong Kong historian Professor Mr. Siu Kwok-kin

Audience :Principals, Senior Teachers and Teachers from all TWGHs Kindergarten

1. Teachers appreciate the movie “Chang ‘An 30,000 Miles to cultivate their national identity and patriotic feelings.

2. Teachers visit the Jao Tsung-I Academy to understand the history of Hong Kong and build physical, mental and spiritual health through meditation and tea tasting activities.

3. Teachers understanding of the scope of “Nature and Life” through personal experience gained at the Cube O Discovery Park.

TWGHs Joint School Professional Development Day 2022-2023

Date:31 Jan 2023 (Tuesday)
Topic︰“Chinese Traditional Arts” Joint School Teacher Workshop
Speaker:Ms. Musette Tsang (One Table Two Chair Charitable Foundation) and the Professional Chinese Opera Actors
Audience :Principals, Senior Teachers, Teachers, Teaching Asistants and N.E.T. Teachers from all TWGHs Kindergarten
Content︰Get to know the basic knowledge of Chinese Opera, learn some basic Chinese Opera movements and steps as well as to sing the Cantonese “Naamyam”.
Date: 3 December 2022(Saturday)
Topic︰ “Picture-Book Approach” Joint School Teacher Workshop
Audience: New Teachers from all TWGHs Kindergarten
Content: Provide the new teachers with picture book sharing in order to broaden their knowledge regarding “picture-book approach”
TWGHs Joint School Professional Development Day 2021-2022

Date:7 October 2022 (Friday)
Topic︰“New Vision as a school: National Security Law」and “Promoting Chinese Traditional Culture and Arts” Workshop
Speaker:Mr. Lau Kar Wah (Practicing Layer), Dr. Tam Po Ling、Mr. Wong Chun Yen (Creative Director), Ms Yik Sai Man (Programme Director), Ms Cheung Ching Yee
Audience :Principals, Senior Teachers, Teachers, Teaching assistants and N.E.T. Teachers from all TWGHs Kindergarten

1. Understand the enlightenment of the implementation of the “Hong Kong National Security Law” to the schools and the role of teachers.

2. Get to know our Motherland from different aspects in order for teachers to bring it into their practice with positive attitudes.

Date:11 February 2022 (Friday)

“Protect Our Children Together”

Spekaer:Mr. Wong Kwok Ho, Ms Kwan Wai Yee

Be familiar with children’s rights and build up positive values regarding protecting our children.

Date:11 February 2022 (Friday)
Topic︰“Choi.E.E Picture Book Webinar”
Spekaer:Ms. Choi Suk Ling (Choi.E.E)
Content:Get to know how to cultivate children with positive values through the use of picture books

Date:28 Feb 2022 (Monday)
題目 :“Newly Promoted Senior Teachers Sharing”

Through this sharing session, all the newly promoted senior teachers exchanged their views on each school’s curriculum and school management.

TWGHs Joint School Professional Development Day 2020-2021

Date19th February 2021 (Friday) AM
Topic︰“Music and art therapy to assist the comprehensive development of children”

Ms. Esther Yau, expressive art therapist

Ms. Julie Fung, expressive art therapist

Content:Understand the importance of creative art therapy. Teachers can master the skills of using creative art through experiential activities so as to promote the development and learning effectiveness of children.

Date19th February 2021 (Friday) PM
Topic︰“Graphic Artwork Workshop”

Ms. Carmen Ng, artist

Ms. Lau Pui-yiu, artist

Content:Artists introduce different types of child art, and teachers are asked to create their artwork with different mateirals. In the process, teachers are inspired to design from the perspective of child artistic creation.

Date9th October 2020 (Friday) AM
Topic︰“How to Build a Positive School Culture”
SpeakerMr. Marcu Tai, corporate trainer, NLP hypnotherapist
Content:Introduce different methods to teachers in order to effectively manage personal strength and mental health from different perspective including nutrition, exercise and emotion control to establish a positive school culture.

Date9th October 2020 (Friday) PM
Topic︰“How to implement 5S method in schools and manage resources effectively?”
SpeakerDr. Chan Man Wong, 5S method instructor
Content:Introduce the ways to implement 5S management model in school environment to allow teachers to understand and establish a high-efficiency work environment for effective resource management.
TWGHs Joint School Professional Development Day 2019-2020

Date17 Jan 2020
Topic︰“Communication with Parents” and “Positive Thinking” Workshop
SpeakerDr TAM Po-ling, Education Psychologist
Content:Through effective strategies and skills, the workshop will enable teachers to master day to day interaction with students, and even parents/guardians, as well as to enhance communication capability. Positive Psychology is the promotion of an ideal psychological quality for affirming a positive outlook, happiness and mutual-care, as well as seeking to improve resilience when facing adversity.

Date4 Oct 2019
Topic︰“Design and Implementation of Physical Fitness & Health and Art & Creativity” Workshop
SpeakerDr CHEUNG Hun Ping and Dr CHEUNG Lai Ha
Content:The Workshop aims at enabling teachers to acquire knowledge related to the design and implementation of Physical Fitness & Health and Art & Creativity”, strengthen the role of teachers, and enable them to understand teaching strategies.

Date28 Sep 2019
Time:9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Topic:“How well do you know Picture Books and how to promote Children Creative Integrated Creative Arts” Programme Training Workshop
Content:To enhance experienced teachers and panels’ skills on leading curriculum and to provide training for newly appointed teachers in understanding Tung Wah Group of Hospitals’ curriculum development and programme features.
TWGHs Joint School Professional Development Day 2018-2019

Date15 Mar 2019
Speaker :Dr. Yu HUEN
Content:To understand how middle-level teachers could bring innovative changes and lead with a fresh mindset.

Date25 Jan 2019
SpeakerDr. Michael KWONG
Content :

To establish team coordination and cooperation, establish an effective team and appreciation of team members’ differences, as well as to facilitate team communication.

Date of Study Tour5 Dec to 8 Dec 2018
Name of Study Tour :Anji Study Tour for Teachers
Content :

The Study Tour aims at continuously perfecting professional knowledge, as well as facilitating mutual development of quality education and child-centered education through understanding the mode of implementation and latest development of learning through play in kindergartens located in Anji.

Date:5 Oct 2018
Topic :“Understand Education Philosophy and Curriculum Design of Cross-discipline Education” Workshop
Speaker:Prof. TSE Shek Kam and Dr. LEE Lai-mui

To understand Chinese language education for children in Asia region, and to enable teachers to master knowledge and concepts related to language education for children, as well as how teachers could effectively master learning skills for nature & life and STEM.

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